Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you use Tylenol? If you do, please read this!

It has come to our attention that Johnson & Johnson have cut the maximum recommended daily dose of the pain reliever Extra Strength Tylenol from 8 pills (4000 mg)  to 6 pills (3000 mg) a day.  These new dosing instructions will be seen on packages beginning in the very near future (fall 2011).  HOWEVER, packages with the current labeling (allowing you to take 8 pills a day) will remain on the shelves, and will not be removed.

The reason that McNeil Consumer Healthcare Division, the pharmaceutical arm of Johnson & Johnson, is decreasing their recommended dosage of Extra Strength Tylenol is that acetaminophen, the active ingredient that helps with pain reduction in products like Tylenol, has been known to cause liver damage and fatal overdoses in those who misuse the medication.

Starting sometime early next year (2012), the recommended daily dosage for Regular Strength Tylenol and other acetaminophen products will be lowered as well.  Once we learn about the changes, we will pass them along to you.